For better communication with our users, we have established the following community guidelines (hereafter referred to as “the Guidelines”) for the @salad_music_fes Twitter account [@salad_music_fes],Facebook page [サラダ音楽祭],Instagram account [サラダ音楽祭 @salad_music_fes](hereafter referred to as “the Official Accounts”)operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra’s SaLaD Music Festival Office (hereafter referred to as “the Office”).
Please read and agree to the Guidelines before using the Official Accounts.
[Operation] The Official Accounts are operated by the Office and used to share information about activities such as concerts and events. [Response to Posts/Comments or Inquiries] Please be aware that we will not reply to posts or comments made by users.
For any questions or concerns, please contact us at the number shown at the bottom of this page. [Following Users] The Office does not follow all users who follow the Official Accounts. Furthermore, the Office may follow a user even if that user is not following the Official Account(s). [Handling of Personal Information] Information obtained through the Official Accounts will be handled appropriately in accordance with「the Privacy Policy established by the Office. [Caution] The Office does not guarantee the accuracy or safety of information contained in comments posted by users. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility whatsoever for harm suffered in connection with such posts.
The Office assumes no responsibility for harm suffered due to the use of the Official Accounts by users or their inability to use them.
The Office assumes no responsibility for harm suffered by users or third parties due to disputes between users, or between users and third parties.
In addition to the matters specified above, the Office assumes no responsibility for harm suffered by users or third parties due to other matters arising in connection with the Official Accounts.
Copyrights, etc. of content posted to the Official Accounts remain with the user who submitted the post; however, by submitting the post, said user grants the Office the non-exclusive right to use (reproduce, adapt, translate, extract from, disclose, etc.) that content, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of the user, and without payment of compensation to the user, and agrees not to exercise copyrights etc. against the Office.
The Office may change these Guidelines without prior notice.
The Office may suspend the operation of or delete the Official Accounts without prior notice. [Prohibitions] In order to achieve better communication through our Official Accounts, the following acts are prohibited.
If the Office discovers that the conduct of a user falls under any of the acts mentioned below, we may delete the post from the Official Account, block the account of the user, or take any other necessary measures without informing the user.

Identification, disclosure, or leakage of personal information of another user or a third party without the consent of that individual
Acts that harm the Office, another user, or any third party
Acts that infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights of the Office, another user, or any third party
Acts that slander or defame, or damage the trust and/or reputation of the Office, another user, or any third party
Issuing of demands to the Office, another user, or any third party using violence, intimidation, force, or fraudulent means, or issuing of unreasonable demands
Use of an Official Account belonging to the Office while impersonating a third party
Alteration of information provided via an Official Account
Acts that impede the efficient operation of an Official Account or cause a nuisance to a third party
Posting of content that is unrelated to the purpose of the Official Account
Acts for commercial purposes conducted through an Official Account, or in relation to an Official Account, without the consent of the Office
Provision of undisclosed information belonging to the Office, false information, or information that could lead to misunderstanding
Acts that violates public order or morality or provision of information that violates public order or morality
Sexual, obscene, or violent expressions or any acts that may cause third parties to feel uncomfortable
Election campaigning, religious activities or any acts similar to these
Acts that violate the terms of use of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
Any other acts that the Office deems inappropriate. [Inquiries Regarding This Matter] For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the office below.

SaLaD Music Festival Office

+813-3663-6307 (Weekdays, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM)