Dai Fujikura : Opera“Solaris” [Japan premiere of opera version]


Date & Time: Fri. 4 September, 7:00 PM (Venue opens at 6:00 PM / Ends at 8:30 PM)
Sun. 6 September, 1:00 PM (Venue opens at 12:00 noon / Ends at 2:30 PM)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Playhouse
Artists: Ivan Demidov*, Conductor
Dirk Schmeding, Director
Wiard Witholt*, Kris Kelvin
Jihyun Cecilia Lee*, Hari
Roman Poboinyi*, Snaut
Masashi Mori, Gibarian
Rory Musgrave, Off-Stage Kelvin
Ensemble NOMAD, Orchestra:
Nagie, Electronics:
Robert Schweer, Set Designer
Frank Lichtenberg, Costume Designer
Mario Vitale, Lightning Designer
Sophie Walz, Dramaturgy
Production : Theater Augsburg (Intendant : André Bücker, Operndirektor : Daniel Herzog)
企画制作:Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
[*Ensemble of Theater Augsburg]
Programs: Dai Fujikura : Opera“Solaris” [Japan premiere of opera version]
(In English with Japanese subtitles)
Ticket: S : ¥5,000 (reserved seating only)
Wheelchair Space (S): ¥5,000
SaLaD Discount:10% off the marked price (S/A/B Seats) (Eligible for Discount: Guests up to 25 years old, guests 65 years old and above)
Disability Discount:10% off the marked price (S/A/B Seats) (Guests with a Disability Certificate as well as one attendant)
*The discount for Wheelchair Space and persons with disabilities is only available at the TMSO Guide.
* Those who have purchased discount tickets must bring the Disability Certificate on the day of use.
Ticket Sale: Fri. 22 May
Ticket Outlets: サラダ音楽祭のプレイガイドの通り

* All reserved-seats
* Preschool children not accepted.
* If you are late for the curtain time, you may have to wait for a long time or be switched to a standing seat.
* Performers and the set list are subjected to change.
* Tickets cannot be canceled for any reason except for when the performance itself is canceled.

Why You Should See This

A special SaLaD Music Festival Concert Delivered by Koichi Sugiyama and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Expect to enjoy a special night, which only SaLaD Music Festival can deliver.

TMSO was established by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1965 as a part of a cultural promotion project to mark the Tokyo Olympic Games. Currently Kazushi Ono serves as Music Director, Alan Gilbert as Principal Guest Conductor, Kazuhiro Koizumi as Honorary Conductor for Life and Eliahu Inbal as Conductor Laureate.

In addition to a variety of subscription concerts and special concerts, TMSO is also actively engaged in efforts to support Tokyo residents, by giving concerts for schools, for welfare institutions and for physically challenged persons, by visiting islands as well as by being involved in outreach activities. In November 2015, TMSO brought a tour in Europe under the baton of Kazushi Ono, which was highly acclaimed.

AS the "Music Ambassador of Capital Tokyo", TMSO is making efforts to vitalize culture and arts towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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