Orchestra & Concerts

SaLaD Music Festival Main Event

Premier Gala

Carmina Burana & Dancing!

The gala concert begins with Governor Yuriko Koike conducting.
It’s a special concert in which you’ll enjoy the collaboration of orchestra and dance.

  • Date
    Monday, September 17, 2018 (National Holiday)
    Starts at 7:00 PM (Lobby opens at 6:00 PM/Venue opens at 6:20PM)
  • Location
    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall
  • Ticket
    Special Seats: ¥5,000A Seats: ¥4,000B Seats: ¥3,000C Seats: ¥2,000 (All seats reserved)
    Special Seats for Wheelchair users: ¥5,000

    ■SaLaD Discount: 10% Off (S to B Seats)
    Eligibility: Individuals aged 25 or younger and 65 or older/ Individuals with disabilities and their care provider (Limited to 1 each. Confirmation required on the day of the event. Please show identification when entering the venue.)

    *SaLaD discount tickets cannot be exchanged after purchase. Individuals entering the venue with a ticket for adults will not be refunded the difference.

    *Special Seats for Wheelchair Users are available through TMSO Guide only.

    *Preschool-age and younger children are not allowed to enter the venue.

    *Performers and programs may change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    *Excluding cancellation, changes or refunds will not be made.

    *Tickets cannot be reissued.

  • ONO Kazushi, Conductor
  • KONDO Ryohei, Choreography & Dance
  • YOSHINO Naoko, Harp
  • MITSUOKA Akie, Soprano
  • Countertenor FUJIKI Daichi, Tenor
  • KOMORI Teruhiko, Baritone
  • Condors, Dance
  • New National Theatre Chorus, Chorus
  • The Little Singers of Tokyo, Children’s Chorus
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • YABE Tatsuya, concertmaster
  • KISA Ayako, Navigator
  • : Part I Performers
  • : Part II Performers

*KOBAYASHI Daisuke, the baritone, who was scheduled to appear in the concert is unable to perform due to illness. He will be replaced by KOMORI Teruhiko.

  • Part I
    KOSEKI Yuji: Olympic March 1964
    J.StraussⅡ: Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein(Die Fledermaus)
    Nino Rota: Ⅰ. Allegro moderato from Harp Concerto in G Major
    Ravel: La Valse
  • Part II
    ORFF: Carmina Burana (Cantata)
Governor Yuriko Koike conducting.
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  • ONO Kazushi
  • KONDO Ryohei
  • YOSHINO Naoko
  • FUJIKI Daichi
  • KOMORI Teruhiko
  • Condors
  • New National Theatre Chorus
  • The Little Singers of Tokyo
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
  • YABE Tatsuya
  • KISA Ayako
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