The excitement and joy of music!
A new music festival for people of all ages

TOKYO MET SaLaD MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 hopes to increase the excitement of preparations for the 2020 TOKYO Olympics & Paralympics under the initiative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, which was itself founded in commemoration of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. We send culture to the world from the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the center of music and theatrical performance in Japan. TOKYO MET SaLaD MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 includes of a wide variety of exciting events that give visitors of all ages the chance to experience and express the excitement and joy of music, like a wonderful mixed salad. A special day where everyone can enjoy singing, listening, and dancing.


Name of the Event TOKYO MET SaLaD MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018
Festival Theme Sing and Listen and Dance!! Enjoy singing, listening, and dancing!
Date Monday, September 17, 2018 (National Holiday)
Venue Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre/Ikebukuro Area (Parks & Commercial Facilities)
Tickets On sale from Friday, June 8, 2018
Ticket outlets Ticket Pia, eplus, Lawson Ticket, TMSO Guide, TMSO Web Ticket, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
Number of Concerts 27 concerts scheduled at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and in the Ikebukuro Area
  • 2 orchestra performances (Charged)
  • 7 workshop performances (Reservation required. Free of charge/Some charged)
  • 13 concerts and other performances around the venue (Free of charge)
  • 5 small preliminary PR concerts (tentative)
Host Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Co-host Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Toshima City
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Program Features

TOKYO MET SaLaD Music Festival 2018 is a new type of music festival that provides everyone, even babies, the chance to experience and express the joy of music. The cross-genre collaboration between Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, led by well-known conductor Kazushi Ono, and the CONDORS – Dance Company, led by NEO – Office Chuckles dancer and popular choreographer, Ryohei Kondo, will give everyone a thrill.
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre hosts two concerts by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, which plays a central role in this music festival, and some workshops that welcome everyone interested in trying their hand at playing instruments and dancing. Free concerts will also take place at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park and neighboring commercial facilities. Ikebukuro is going to be wrapped with music floating around Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

program 1

Orchestra & concerts
for people of all ages

OK! Orchestra

The orchestra welcomes everyone!
Babies welcome! Welcoming everyone who likes to sing and dance!

SaLaD Festival Main Event
<Premier Gala>

The gala concert begins with Governor Yuriko Koike conducting.
It’s a special concert in which you’ll enjoy the collaboration of orchestra and dance.

program 2

Workshops that let you experience instruments and dance

The festival offers a wide variety of workshops for individuals, parents with children, couples and friends. Experience the joy of singing, listening and dancing.

program 3

A wonderful variety of concerts around the venue

Free concerts in the Atrium inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park, and commercial facilities at Ikebukuro Station. Everyone is welcome!

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